Why You Should Rent a Ute or Mini Bus?

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Utes and mini buses aren’t for everyone, but when you need one there are heaps of factors to take advantage of. They can offer a lot more than a car, and are more suitable for people in certain situations. Rova Rentals offer a great range of utes and mini buses, so we know all about the benefits they can bring.



There are a number of reasons why hiring a truck makes sense and we’ll discuss them here

Large Parties

If you need to drive yourself and all your friends and family members across states, it’s going to be an inconvenience taking more than one car. That means more money spent on fuel and kilometres. With a mini bus, however, you can save the money you were going to spend on added fuel and use it for your wedding party, sporting event, birthday party and more.



When travelling for work, one of the biggest inconveniences is having a suitable car to drive in if you’re not supplied one. It’s also a hassle to purchase a vehicle just for the sole purpose of work when you’re probably not going to use it for anything else. At Rova Rentals, we have an extensive fleet of utes, trucks and mini buses waiting for you to drive. This is great for workers like florists, tradies and deliverers and sellers, or if you’re simply moving house and need an appropriate vehicle for the day.


Save More Money

As we’ve previously explained, hiring a ute or mini bus can help you save more money in the long run. If you regularly travel for work, or if you need a larger vehicle for a one-time trip, then renting is a cheaper option for you than buying a car. Rova Rentals offers no lock in contracts, with only monthly payments and the option to back out at any time. That way you won’t have to pay extra on registrations and insurance, and save money for your business or trip.


Get a Quote

If you’re looking to rent a ute or a mini bus in the NSW area, get a quote from Rova Rental today. We are Sydney’s most reliable car rental service, with affordable prices and special deals to help make your hire easier. Just fill out our reservation form and we’ll get back to you quickly. For more information on our vehicles, or for general enquiries, contact (02) 8279 0501, or email info@rovarentals.com.au.