The Great Australian Road Trip in a Rental Car

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rental car trip

If you’ve been holding off on the Great Australian Road Trip, there is no better time to get out there. The grand views and attractions won’t come to you, so it’s time to start planning! Rova Rentals can help get your road trip started with affordable vehicle hire options from our fleet. We’re available for pick up at our North Parramatta and West Ryde offices, or drop off at your convenient location.

rental car trip

We’re also here to inspire and help you plan out your Great Australian Road Trip.

First Things First

Before you head out anywhere, you’ll need to plan out everything. For a road trip on this scale, you’ll need to figure out where you’re going and how much it’s all going to cost. Start out by deciding on where you’d like to go. Easy part done. That way you’ll be able to figure out what attractions you’ll visit, places you’ll eat at, where you’ll stay and more. Make sure you have your budget set out first so you can make limits and not go too crazy. You’ll need to have some money left over when you return!


Road Trips

Australia is full of breathtaking road trips, it’s almost impossible to choose from. If you’re planning to leave from Sydney, one of the most iconic drives is to head down south along the Grand Pacific Drive. You’ll see nothing but beautiful oceans as you make your way through Coalcliff and Clifton to Wollongong via the Sea Cliff Bridge. Alternatively, head up north towards Brisbane along the Legendary Pacific Coast. Be sure to visit the sparkling beaches and majestic rainforests on the way. Of course, every NSW local needs to drive along the Greater Blue Mountains Drive; featuring 18 discovery trails and charming towns filled with craft stores and delicious restaurants.


If you want to go out further, Australia has an endless amount of options for you. Down near Melbourne, the iconic Great Ocean Road drive will take you to picturesque landscapes such as the Twelve Apostles. Travelling to Uluru is something that has to be checked off every Aussie’s bucket list. The best way to get to the Alice Springs area is to start from Adelaide so you can enjoy all the culture and stunning architectures. If you want to take it a step further, begin from Sydney and drive down to Adelaide. Venture through the rolling green hills of Riverina, the sunburnt outback of Mildura and the iconic Broken Hill, featured in Priscilla: Queen of the Desert.


Why Take a Rental Car?

Hiring a fuel-efficient vehicle can save you a lot of money. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the wear and tear of your own car. At Rova Rentals, we have special deals to help you keep your finances in check. Simply fill out a reservation form so we can help you rent the best vehicle for your road trip.

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