The Benefits of Long-Term Car Rental

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Need to hire a vehicle for a longer than average period? You may worry about the potential upkeep that comes with long-term car rental. However, there are actually a surprising amount of benefits of hiring a car for an extended period. There are some useful advantages to renting a car if you compare it to purchasing one.

Low Costs

Renting a car can save you a lot of money in the long run. Unlike car ownership, there are no outrageous registration fees. Instead, you only pay a reasonable monthly instalments fee so you can always have more money on hand. That way, you’ll get real everyday value with your care. There are no added costs for insurance and service. At Rova Rentals, if your car has a problem then we’ll take care of it with no additional fees. This is suitable for businesses who don’t want to slow down their cash flow. We also have special deals to help you save more on your hire. These specials include great fuel consumption and reduced costs for hiring a car for more than 7 days.


Wide Range of Cars

When you want to purchase a particular model, your budget may say otherwise. A long-term car rental can give you more options than just sticking with one model. With flexible options, you can also switch and upgrade models at your convenience. At Rova Rentals, we have an extensive fleet of vehicles that are all well maintained and up to standard. That way you can choose a vehicle that’s to your liking without worrying about paying extra for certain models.



Unlike purchasing a vehicle, a long-term car rental can give you more options. First of all, there is more time convenience. Instead of having to spend hours in an office sorting out all the details, you can simply fill out a reservation form and have your car ready to pick up or dropped off at a suitable location. Secondly, there are no long-term contracts. You won’t have to pay for a long-term commitment unlike leases. As explained earlier, you also have the option to change between cars if your needs or interests change. Just bring your old car in, switch, and be on your way.


Great for Travel

If you need to travel in between states for work, holidays or events, then car hire may be more suitable for you. You’ll save more money than having to buy a vehicle for the sole purpose of travelling around the country. This is also suitable for businesses who require employees to travel for work. Once again, you won’t have to worry about running out of assets, allowing you to travel for longer.


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